Italian Conscription and Military Records For The Province Of Avellino

From Trafford R. Cole's "Italian Genealogical Records" ...  I love this book.  It should be a prerequisite for anyone looking to trace their Italian roots.

"In 1865, one of the first acts of the newly formed Italian state was the imposition of the draft - conscription of all able males at the age of eighteen.  Every Italian male, at the age of eighteen, must report to the draft board and undergo a physical examination that determines his eligibility."

The year in which the records began varies from one area to the next, but in most of Italy they are present from around 1873.  A veritable treasure trove of information,  these records will include the draftee's name, date and place of birth, occupation, names of parents, whether able to read and write, a detailed physical description, and the draft board's decision regarding fitness for military service.  (My great-grandfather Antonio Cefalo was rejected because he was too short.)

These conscription records (called the registro di leva) can be found in the Archivio di Stato (State Archive) of each province.  Here's the address for the one in Avellino:

Archivio di Stato
Via Soldi 9
83100 Avellino, Italia

This past summer I found a database of registro di leva online at the Portale della Storia degli Italiani website.  Unfortunately the link to their database is no longer active (hopefully just temporary?), but I did manage to extract some  records before it went inactive.

These are listed by last name, first name and date of birth.  Click the links for more detail.  Inactive links are scheduled to be posted, so keep checking back as I'll be updating these frequently.  Enjoy!

Torre le Nocelle


Abate, Gaetano 21 October 1873
Annecchiarico, Gaetano 10 August 1871
Annecchiarico, Giuseppantonio 27 October 1873
Baratta, Gaetano 24 January 1873
Barletta, Giuseppe 11 January 1873
Brogna, Antonio 1 November 1871
Brogna, Gaetano 11 November 1871
Brogna, Giuseppe 20 March 1872
Brogna, Vincenzo 2 July 1872
Capone, Angelo Raffaele 23 June 1872
Capone, Antonio 26 November 1872
Capone, Baldassarre 14 October 1873
Capone, Beniamino 15 January 1872
Capone, Carminantonio 10 December 1872
Capone, Carminantonio 3 December 1873
Capone, Domenico 20 October 1872
Capone, Filippo 10 December 1872
Capone, Gaetana 13 November 1871
Capone, Giacinto 28 April 1872
Capone, Giuseppe 4 February 1873
Capone, Michele 24 February 1871
Capone, Salvatore 4 February 1873
Carideo, Carmine Domenico 10 November 1873
Carpenito, Carmine 10 December 1873
Cefalo, Carmine 13 August 1871
Censale, Angelo Gabriele 22 January 1871
Censale, Domenicantonio 3 August 1873


Acernese, Raniero 2 May 1871
Addonizio, Alessandro 18 September 1872
Addonizio, Angelo 4 August 1872
Addonizio, Arcangelo 5 June 1871
Addonizio, Giuseppe 15 April 1871
Addonizio, Michele 24 July 1873
Altavilla, Carmine 15 November 1871
Ambrosino, Pasquale 14 April 1870
Ambrosino, Vincenzo 14 August 1871
Annecchiarico, Antonio 6 October 1871
Annecchiarico, Lucido 18 February 1870
Annecchiarico, Raffaele 18 August 1872
Antonaccio, Carminantonio 11 July 1873
Antonaccio, Carmine 21 July 1873
Barletta, Angelo 14 January 1871
Barletta, Pasquale 30 May 1873
Bianco, Antonio 23 January 1872
Capone, Antonio 27 March 1872
Cardillo, Alessandro 20 October 1871
Cardillo, Giuseppangelo  29 August 1873
Cardillo, Giuseppe 30 December 1873
Carideo, Amato 9 April 1871
Caruso, Angelo 16 September 1872
Cennerazzo, Antonio 20 February 1871
Centrella, Saverio 1 September 1873